Welcome to Bhaskar Degree College Udhampur

General Rules

  • Admission is open to all candidates male and female who would be considered fit for the course. Admission cannot however be demanded as a matter of right.

  • At the time of admission in the institute the students and parents / guardians will have to sign a declaration that they will abide by the rules and regulations of the college.

  • Students must maintain decorum and discipline inside the campus.

  • Smoking is strictly prohibited in and around the vicinity of the institution & also Cell Phones should be put in switch off mode in the class rooms.

  • The institute office must be informed by the students in case of any change of address whether local of permanent.

  • Theft cases and any assault case amongst students will be reported to local police for investigation. Suspected names of the students involved will also be forwarded to the police by the Principal for investigation.

  • Students shall not bear in mind any communal or provincial feelings inside the institute, as this may lead to breach of peace. Still if it occurs, then the college authority will be compelled to take serious action against the offender.

  • All the students are requested to remit their monthly tuition fees within every current month. A fine of Rs.20 will be levied against the defaulters for every month of default. On the last day of the month names of the defaulters will be struck off from the attendance register and they will not be allowed to continue classes.

  • The fees structure is subject to change at any time by the institution if situation so demand. Fees once remitted will not be refunded under any circumstances, no matter the candidate has attended the class or not.

  • Every student must obtain on admission, and keep his/her Identity Card affixed with photograph, duly attested and present it for inspection on demand.

  • Students must attend lectures and tutorials according to the timetable on all working days of the College. Students should not be absent from lectures, tutorials and examinations without prior permission of the Principal.

  • Students are warned that if their attendance at lectures and tutorials is unsatisfactory, their names may be struck off the college rolls/or may be detained from the examinations.

  • In case of illness, a student must apply for leave, as soon as possible, with a doctor’s certificate. He/ She must personally report to the Prof. In charge / Vice Principal on resuming class.

  • It has been impressed upon by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India that if any incident of ragging comes to the notice of the authority, the concerned student shall be given liberty to explain and if her explanation is not found satisfactory, the authority would expel his/her from the institution. Ragging is any form, on or off the college campus is completely banned and is an offence. The students in ragging shall be severely punished, even to the extent of being expelled from the college.


    The principal reserves the right to change or modify the above stated rules as and when required in the interest of the institution.